Saturday, November 30, 2013

Parade "Scandal": The Macy's Thanksgiving Day PrideFest

I tripped over a news story this morning that left me grinning at my computer the way ridiculous hater rants often do. I don't bother to take this kind of idiocy seriously anymore when it doesn't deserve more than a derisive snort and a chuckle. I mean, why pretend it's a discussion worth having? 

A Tony Award-winning musical decided to do a short number during the Macy's Parade on live US television. A small collection of puritanical nitwits took offense because it was performed by men in drag. You can imagine the gaping and frothing at the mouth that occurred when they saw it. I'm sure you can also imagine the comments. How dare these men dance around in women's clothes forcing us to broach the subject of gays and transgenders with our children who are no doubt scarred for life after seeing it!  

As a similar puritanical nitwit commented just the other day: the gays are taking God out of Thanksgiving. Apparently LGBT equality means the heterosexual community no longer has anything to be thankful for and by the way, Christianity is now claiming the rights to Thanksgiving. I must have accidentally deleted that particular memo from my e-mail. Interesting. Moving on...

My response to the haters? The Dallas Cowboys' cheerleaders flounce across the same television screens in costumes that show much more skin and reinforce the message that women are only as valuable as their cup size but a drag queen is an offensive scandal? Please. And Honey, if you think a single routine out of a Broadway play makes the entire Macy's Parade a Pride Fest you've been going to the wrong Pride parades.

Pardon me while I giggle myself right out of my chair. They can't be serious with this shit.

Kinky Boots at Macy's US Thanksgiving Day Parade

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