Friday, March 14, 2014

Devotion or Discrimination: What's The Difference?

Lately I've heard the same song played over and over in the press like it's stuck on auto repeat. No, not that one. Okay, let me be more specific. It's the one where a random public figure (celebrity, singer, athlete, etc.) flaps their gums about why they don't approve of gays.

My first question is always the same: Who cares? There isn't a single gay person alive anywhere on the planet that needs a random soccer player's approval to be who they are. 

In fact, my second question is always the same, too. Why do they keep answering this question? As has been proven countless times, there is only one right answer: 'Are you kidding? I love gays! I'm jealous that I'm not one of them.' Anything less than that will result in a barrage of hostility. It doesn't matter whether you mean it just say it and move on.

The press will continue to ask because apparently they think we give a flying fig. They are mistaken. We couldn't care less what a woefully ignorant pseudo-celeb from a random "reality TV" show has to say on the subject. We're not going to quit being gay just to make it easier for rap artists to stomach our presence or to give the ultra-conservatives a break and stop persecuting them with our existence. 

The latest poor sap to be caught in this trap insists gays aren't following the bible and he doesn't approve of them being together but that's just his opinion. He says he's right. Gays are wrong but if they want to live in sin and go to hell that's their business. He's not going to stop them and insists that point of view doesn't make him anti-gay just a good Christian.

That brings me to the heart of this blog. What is the difference between being a 'good Christian' and being anti-gay? Aside from the obvious issue of being overly judgmental about things that are none of his business, where's the line between devout and anti-gay? Several states are struggling with that same question. Some people seem to think you have to be a little bit of a hater in order to prove you're a good Christian. If some of their 'close friends and relatives' have to live as second class citizens with an abbreviated list of rights that's the price they pay for being sinners. We won't get into the ones who think they have to be outright trolls about it.

I know a couple of devout Christians who rarely tread anywhere near the hater line and wouldn't hesitate to tell the soccer man to stop giving the rest of them a bad name, not that it's necessary to slap him down even if they do have a point. His pronouncement that we're all going to hell isn't much of a threat. From what I've heard, hell sounds like a big pride parade so I'm not sure that really works as incentive to dive back into the closet. Still, Mr. Soccer Man is entitled to his opinion. We're right. He's wrong and if he wants to live as a woefully ignorant 'Christian' rather than seeing people as just people that's his business. We won't stop him. 

See what I just did there? Ha! 

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