Friday, June 20, 2014

What's In Your Levi's? #gay

20 years ago, scientific proof of "the gay gene" landed in the press like a fat raindrop in a dry dirt road and kicked up a cloud of murmurs from both sides. Some people found it vindicating. Some found it horrifying. Some didn't care.

Here we are again. The Human Genome Project has found proof of at least two genes that can be linked to sexuality and warn of more to come. I haven't heard much grumbling about it yet but then the press doesn't always give an evenhanded report. Just like with gay marriage, there are mixed opinions in the LGBTQI community about this bit of news but it's difficult to compete for attention with the rantings of the ignorant that leave jaws hanging open in disbelief. (I'm looking at you, Governor Perry.)

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On one side, it offers scientific proof that people are lying when they claim ex-gay therapy is anything other than a multi-billion-dollar hoax. You can't pray away gay any more than you can pray away blue eyes. You can cover it up with something else but we all know wearing brown contacts doesn't mean you have brown eyes.

On the other side are the disturbed murmurs from within the LGBTQI community that if there really are gay genes it means people could test for such things whether before birth or after. All it would take to ensure gay people were excluded from a country, organization, etc. would be a drop of blood. Being closeted and discrete wouldn't be enough and we all know of several countries that would put that test into practice if they could. 

What do you guys think? Is identifying "gay" genes a step forward, the beginning of a problem, or an interesting bit of news that ultimately changes nothing?

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