Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Our Rainbow Needs More Stripes! #LGBT

Did you know there's an invisible asterisk at the end of LGBT?

Not much of a shock, right? I think we all realize there's more to our rainbow family than just gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender. It reminds me of that advertisement "My bologna has a first name..." except in this case it's "My rainbow has a first name. It's LGBT." So what's the rest?

It goes like this: LGBTTIQQ2SA. Yeah, that's why it always gets shortened to LGBT. There are even more letters hidden in this extended version because A and T represent a spectrum of different people but in order to show that we'd have to go 3-D and while it would make a cool t-shirt, it wouldn't fit so well in a news headline.

For the sake of those just climbing out of their caves and confronting equality for the first time, it's better to keep it simple. There are days I think even LGBT is too complicated. However, for those of us who already have a grip on those four letters let's spell out the rest.

L - Lesbian

G - Gay

B - Bisexual (Not code for part-time gay)

T - Transgender

T - Transexual (Not just another word for transgender)

I - Intersex

Q - Queer (Not just another word for gay)

Q - Questioning

2S - Two Spirit (applies most often to those in the First Nation or "Native American" culture.)

A - Asexual. 

In some organizations the "A" stands for allies but while we love our straight allies, not everyone thinks they need a spot within the rainbow.

LGBTTIQQ2SA will probably grow as time goes on. It's already missing a "P" for Pansexual since Pan- and Bi- are not the same thing. At some point I expect it to outgrow the acronym and become a fancy, swirly little symbol. Hey, if Prince can do it so can we.

Sometimes the problem
is the answer.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Ideal Side of Life by @BlakRayne #Gay #Erotic #NewRelease

I'd like to welcome by friend Blak Rayne to the blog! She has a HOT new book out called The Ideal Side of Life. I'll let her tell you more about it.

First, I’d like to thank DP for having me at her blog! Very awesome, thank you. My new gay erotic romance novel is out! To read the first 10% of my new release, click on the Smashwords purchase link at the bottom of the naughty excerpt!

‘Imperfect, but inescapably a love worth saving.’

Self-made entrepreneur Stephen Pritchard was given a second chance at life and love when he met Carson. However, as of late, their marriage has been anything, but ideal. Aside from the usual occupational hazards and Carson’s inability to communicate emotionally, Stephen’s learned marriage to a police officer, especially an attractive one, comes at a price.

While shopping in the city, Stephen and Carson unexpectedly run into Stephen’s former college buddy Dudley Kramer. During the conversation, Dudley insists they attend an upcoming party at the art gallery he owns. Believing the invitation to be harmless, Stephen convinces Carson to go. But part way through the evening, he realizes Dudley’s developed an unhealthy liking for his husband and the party isn’t as it appears. Illegal drugs and partner swapping isn’t something Stephen bargained for, and neither is the chain of events that follow. Disenchantment over the past, arguments, and a near fatal car accident suddenly puts his life into perspective.


Later that night, subsequent to the consumption of a homemade seafood dinner that consisted of stuffed cannelloni and a Caesar salad, we decided to hit the hay early. We’d both had a long day.

Carson stripped, tossed his clothes in the hamper, and flopped out on his stomach, bunching a pillow between his head and arms. After the mattress stopped bouncing and he’d found his comfort zone, he muttered drowsily, “Can you cover me with the sheet?”

“Sure.” Ogling his ass, I removed my tie; no matter the temperature, he always slept in the nude. As for my preference, I was a pussy; anything below sixty-five degrees and I wore pajamas. Grabbing a corner of the blanket, I separated the gray linen sheet from underneath and draped it over him.

“Thanks, baby.” He yawned, hugging the pillow tighter.

“You’re welcome.” Removing my shirt, I dropped it on the chair. Then I kicked off my shoes and unclasped my belt buckle. I couldn’t wait another second—the smooth, muscular curve of his ass under the thin sheet and the way he lay with his legs spread; he was begging to be molested. Crouching like a tiger, I moved in silence toward my target and the edge of the bed, preparing to pounce.

“If you’re going to fuck me, do it quick before I fall asleep.”

“Oh come on!” I exclaimed loudly, throwing both hands up. “How did you know? What—do you have eyes in the back of your head?”

“I didn’t know,” he murmured, shooting a weary glance over his shoulder. “Other than you’re taking too long to undress.”

“You know you’re a frustrating man. Every time I try to be sneaky, you ruin it.”

Snuggling the pillow again, his chuckling was muffled. “That’s because you couldn’t sneak if someone paid you. You’re too obvious.”

“I’m not obvious.”

“You are. The whole point of sneaking around is to avoid getting caught.”

“Why thank you for that useless tidbit of information.” Sitting down hard on the bed, I pulled off a pant leg and caught the other on my heel. “Now I know I’d be a lousy jewel thief.” I frowned in disgust, tossing my pants with the intention they’d land on the chair, but they hit it instead and slid to carpet. A dreary sigh seeped from my lips. I was too damned lazy to pick them up.

“Don’t get upset.”

“I’m not.”

The bed shifted and when I looked, he’d switched around to lie on his back. The sheet did little to hide his thick erection that lay slightly bent against his left thigh. The image triggered a glorious memory of Greece...and the beach. God, we needed to fuck—no romance, just a good old-fashioned fuck.

“I ruined your fun, I’m sorry. How about I pretend you’re not here?” He bent an arm over his eyes, sliding toward the end of the bed, and sank into the bedding, getting more comfortable. “How about something like this?”

When he’d moved, the top sheet had fallen away completely and his muscular torso blanketed in soft, dirty-blond hair appeared. Taking a moment to admire his body, I didn’t readily answer. My cock started to swell.

“Baby, are you still there…?” he asked, the apprehension lingering in his words.

Pressing my hand into the bed, I got down low and put the head of his cock in my mouth and sucked, the tangy mix of perspiration and urine sharp on my tongue. He grunted, rutting his hips, and I dug the tip into his slit. He grunted louder, and I suckled then mouthed his balls, one after the other. Working my tongue farther down, I pried his buttocks apart, digging my chin in while moistening his perineum and rimming his hole to a sloppy wet. His reaction was instantaneous; he grinned and his cheeks flushed scarlet. Putting my other hand flat on the mattress to brace my upper torso, I inched a tad higher and kissed the trail of tapering, curly pubic hair to his belly button, his erection rubbing floppily under my chin. Letting the moisture from my lips caress his stomach to chest, his flesh became dappled in goose bumps and his nipples hardened to tiny pebbles. I flicked and nibbled on the right then switched to nip the left. When I’d finished revving him up to a satisfactory level of arousal, I reached in the nightstand drawer, felt around for the bottle of lube then shook it and squeezed a little onto my open palm.

After I’d made my cock slick, I slid two lubed fingers along the tightening crease of his sac to his hole, and carefully inserted them. His thighs spread wider and he groaned. I played for a while, gentle then rough, ramming deep. When his groans transformed to harsh growls of uncontrolled pleasure, I knew he was teetering on the threshold. Kissing his throat, I removed my fingers, settled on top of him, touching his cock with mine.

“Just do me, baby,” he urged, slapping the right side of my ass, then squeezed. “I want to feel you.”

Rising above him for a split second, I glanced down to guide my shaft. Carson tensed somewhat, pinching his buttocks against the intrusion. But once I penetrated as deeply as possible, he relaxed, melting into a curve, and embraced me.

Normally, I was a great deal calmer, a regular Casanova, but that night I wanted straight ecstasy—to get off as fast as possible. Moving strongly, in and out, I breathed harder and faster. Our bare, sweat-coated skin slapped on contact. Minutes in, we both grunted and an extreme heat almost flash-burned my stomach. We’d both blown our loads simultaneously and his spunk had made a trail up my chest. Putting his hands to my back, he hugged my upper body and I fell onto the bed with him.

“I love you.” He kissed me everywhere excitedly, pushed me backward into the comforter, pinioned my wrists above my head, and lifted a dense, muscular leg to straddle my lap. “Now it’s my turn.”

“Huh,” I gasped, trying to catch my breath and wits. I was dazed, enjoying the fleeting tingle of euphoria.

While maintaining his vice like grip on my wrists, Carson snatched the tissue box from the nightstand. He fumbled with it, yanking out the white squares. “I’m going to make love to you,” he said, wiping us both clean with the massive wad. Then he stuffed the used tissues inside the empty box and tossed it over his shoulder.

The lust ended with Carson sleeping soundly while spooning me, and me thinking about what the notary had said. I have no idea why the living wills came to mind. After the jungle sex, I should’ve been exhausted and collapsed into a peaceful nothingness. But I couldn’t. I lay there for over an hour, staring into the dark, contemplating everything from our anniversary and Christmas, to what breed of dog I preferred, and whether I should purchase Carson a newer vehicle. Then I awoke to the alarm clock beeping.

While Carson was at work, I assembled the targets I’d bought for practice in the backyard. Robin Hood. Eat your heart out! Life was uneventful, for the most part. Then, something weird happened, causing a chain of events to unravel that put my fortitude to the test and altered our life together as a couple forever.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Skin Deep Blog Tour #MMRomance #SavingLiam

Liam is packing his bags because Skin Deep is going on tour!

Get your copy today!

Between July 28th and August 8th Skin Deep will be popping up everywhere. Follow along with the tours to discover some great blogs and enter to win prizes!

You can find the tour schedule here

Liam and I hope to see you on the road!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Skin Deep Is Here! #MMRomance

The story of reluctant porn star, Liam Newman continues in SKIN DEEP.  


Sometimes the problem is the answer.

Liam Newman escaped his abusive past to start a new life with the man who saved him. Unfortunately, the old life refuses to stay buried. When a fan of his porn star persona appears, he’s forced to reinvent himself in a surprising new career. Will it give him the rebirth he craves or lead him deeper into the life he’s trying to leave behind?


Someone was watching him. The sensation crawled across Liam’s shoulders like a spider, making him twitch. He didn’t bother turning around. Every time it happened, he always found the same eyes and glaring back hadn’t done any good so far. He hung his overcoat in his narrow locker in the employee lounge and pretended not to notice.

He didn’t know what to make of the restaurant’s newest server but Eric got on his nerves. The guy was average in build, height, and looks but there was something troubling in the way he stared. The expression that came close to a leer was altogether annoying. He'd seen that look before in other equally annoying men and tried not to think about it, pushing the irritation and the memory away. He had a job to do and he wasn’t going to let Eric get to him. 

Liam checked his hair in the small mirror tacked to the inside of the locker door as the other employees trickled out of the room to start their shifts. He pushed the locker closed to join them and spun the combination lock determined to pretend Eric was nothing but a piece of furniture. He didn’t intend to stick around for a conversation.

“Your name’s Liam, right?” Eric asked from the opposite side of the room as the last co-worker disappeared into the hall.

Apparently, he was too late. “Yes.”

“Should I call you that or do you prefer ‘Angel’?”

The name slapped his heart into a gallop and he jerked his gaze to Eric. No one had called him Angel for over six months. He hadn’t missed it.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” He swallowed, his voice an almost breathless quiver that didn’t sound convincing even to him.

“Sure you do.” Eric smiled and opened his locker. “You’re that hot kid on the porn site. I’ve been a fan for a long time. It’s nice to finally meet you.”

His palms were slick with sweat as he tried to pretend he really didn’t have any idea what Eric was talking about, stuffing them in the pockets of his pants to hide the trembling.

“That’s not me.”

“I have to admit, you look smaller on the screen but I guess they wanted it that way.” Eric ignored the denial.

“What do you want?” He glared at him fed up with the conversation.

“Nothing at the moment, though I wouldn’t mind hooking up later if you have the time.”

“I’m seeing someone.”

“So?” Eric shrugged and hung up his coat. “I’m not talking about a date, just a hook up. Nobody has to know. Consider me a dress rehearsal for the next video. You’re still doing those, right? I’d hate to think you gave that up to work here.”

“I’m not interested.” He ignored the comment.

He wasn’t going to get into a discussion about his non-existent porn career with a guy who only liked him for his ass. He knew the type. They never listened.

“What?” Eric glanced his direction. “You don’t do it for free?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about and even if I did I’m not interested.” He said again with enough conviction to sound believable.

Eric raked him with a lustful stare that made him shiver. 

“Yes, you do. I’d know those pretty eyes anywhere…and that fuckable mouth. It’s you so why don’t you drop the act, Angel.”

“Don’t call me that.”

“Fine…Liam.” Eric pushed his locker closed and stepped closer to stuff a piece of paper between two of the buttons on Liam’s dress shirt before striding toward the door. “That’s my number. Call me.”

Praise for Saving Liam

" emotionally charged, character driven story that does not disappoint."
3 Chicks After Dark

" raw and so brilliantly done that you will feel every single emotion."
Lustful Literature

"…an outstanding story…"
Rainbow Gold Reviews

"...simply brilliant and so well written." 
Gay Media Reviews

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Skin Deep Is Coming! #MMRomance

Part two of the Saving Liam series arrives this week!

Coming to an ereader near you July 18, 2014

Sometimes the problem is the answer.

Liam Newman escaped his abusive past to start a new life with the man who saved him. Unfortunately, the old life refuses to stay buried. When a fan of his porn star persona appears, he’s forced to reinvent himself in a surprising new career. Will it give him the rebirth he craves or lead him deeper into the life he’s trying to leave behind?

25% of royalties go to Trevor Project.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Story Behind the Story - Part 2: Alone #SavingLiam #LGBT #MMRomance

Welcome to the second and final part of the story behind my book Saving Liam. You can find part one here.

Today's post will rely heavily on your imagination because what I'm going to describe may be something you don't typically let yourself dwell on for long. Today I want you to take a minute and dwell on it.

Photo courtesy of Pixabay

Imagine you're on your own. Totally on your own. Your home is gone and with it your family, something you never think about because it hurts too much. You have a few people you still consider friends but they're rapidly becoming part of the past because none of them was in a position to help you and you had no choice but to move on. 

You used to have a room full of mementos and treasures but that's all gone now. All that's left is in an overstuffed school backpack weighing you down with each step. There was a suitcase of other things in the beginning but you couldn't carry it anymore so you left it behind. You haven't eaten in two days. You haven't slept in almost as long. Showers aren't important when we're talking survival. The three dollars you had in your wallet when you left home was spent on your last meal at a fast food restaurant. You don't know how long it will be before you see another one because your money is gone and you can't bring yourself to eat out of trash bins. You could beg for change like you've seen others do but you don't quite have the nerve to ask strangers for help. Hungry, exhausted, scared, and brokenhearted you walk because there's nothing else to do.

Now...imagine you're fourteen years old. 

A week ago, you were a teen with a secret whose biggest problem (outside of keeping it) was passing history. Five days ago, you told your best friend you were gay. Four days ago, the rest of the school found out when she posted it on Facebook. Three days ago, your parents greeted you at breakfast with a screaming tirade about sin, hell, and the evil they wouldn't tolerate living in their house. Three days ago, your life ended. What you have now is mere survival.

This is reality for thousands of LGBT kids all across the globe, in your city, in your neighborhood. One day they're living an almost typical life of a stressed-out teen. The next the people they depend on to take care of them can't stand the sight of them and they learn how quickly love becomes a useless word and how few BFFs they really have because everywhere they turn for help is another dead end.

Photo courtesy of Pixabay

It's easy to gloss over the picture and soothe the heartache it inspires with the thought that there are shelters. There are organizations. Someone will take these kids in. Wrong. There are shelters but most of them are just as anti-LGBT as the parents who threw the kids out. If they can't hide their sexuality or gender identity well enough they'll be turned away. 

Even here in Seattle, a very LGBT friendly place, the number of LGBT kids on the street is in triple digits. The number of available beds is in double digits. The number of available Trans* beds is less than 20. Most of these kids have nowhere to go. Their parents' sentence is final and in many cases fatal. They die of starvation, exposure, violence, overdose, suicide, even the flu because going to a hospital means questions by adults who seem to exist only to make their life worse. They'd rather lie on the cold sidewalk and take their chances than risk a hospital. 

They eat out of dumpsters because soup kitchens are a nice idea but they cater to the adult homeless and that population is full of predators. Ever wonder why you never see kids hanging out with the homeless adults? That's why. They don't frequent the same parts of the city because the kids know it's not safe. When it comes to finding food they're own their own because few organizations cater to starving teens. Seattle has two, a non-profit and a church. That puts us way ahead of most other cities in the US.

Even Toronto, a city that hosted the first ever World Pride in North America admits 20 percent of their homeless teens are unwanted LGBT kids. That's 50 percent less than the US but that's still a huge problem. It's out of control but it's also deceptively invisible. The teens maintain a low profile in order to survive. Adults create problems, complicate already bad situations, increase the risk of being hurt...even the police, so they stay out of sight. It gives the impression that it's a small problem. It's not. There are 1.3 million homeless kids in the States. That equates to 520,000 LGBT kids. 520,000 sets of parents who don't give a damn what happens to their child because they think LGBT kids don't deserve to be loved.

I wrote Saving Liam because their story needs a face. The daily struggle for survival is all they know and every year thousands of them don't make it. Liam's story is a relatively innocuous one by comparison. Most kids don't have it so easy and his life wasn't all that easy. Very few of them stumble across a savior to pull them out of that mess. They struggle through on their own and graduate from homeless teen to homeless adult with no education, no permanent address, and no qualifications to get a job other than as a sex worker or drug dealer for a local gang.

It's not a happy story but it's reality and it needs to be heard.

You do what you have to do to survive.
Click here for your copy.

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The Man Behind World Pride Toronto. #Pride

I listened to an interview the other day with Mark Singh, the Toronto Pride Chairman who brought World Pride to Canada and got to hear his reasons for doing so. If you haven't heard it already, I encourage you to take a few minutes and listen.

Gay Guide Network

It's an inspiring little clip that talks not only about his hopes for what comes after the LGBT Pride celebration is over, but echoes sentiments voiced by every organization that coordinates those events all over the world. 

There were rumbled discussions last month about Pride being vapid, shallow, and uninspired. Some people think the events serve no real purpose other than providing an excuse for people to dance naked (literally) in the streets. That's just the surface. Those involved in planning and executing these events know differently. To anyone still doubting, I encourage you to volunteer at one of next year's events and see what's going on under the party atmosphere. You might be surprised. Take a year...think it over.

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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Proud Under the Clouds - Seattle Pride

For me, this past weekend was all about Pride. I love living in a place where LGBTQI has a thriving community and Pride isn't a single event somewhere a state away. Within a two-hour drive, there are ten separate parades and festivals in the Pacific Northwest this summer. It's an amazing environment of support that spoils us a little. Sometimes we forget how good we have it.

Puppy pride!

The 2014 Seattle Pride Parade started with a cool morning of obligatory clouds and a brief march of the equally obligatory Haters for Jesus. With that nonsense out of the way, the celebration started in perfect 60-degree weather clogging up downtown Seattle for the entire afternoon and into the evening. Some estimates say over 100,000 bodies flooded the city to celebrate life.

This year marked the 40th anniversary of Seattle Pride. It's an amazing statement for several reasons. Just five years after Stonewall thrust gay rights into the American spotlight, a budding community that had gathered in Seattle decided it was time to go public. It wasn't much of a crowd back then but that didn't matter. They had a festival anyway, a statement of existence as much as celebration.

40 years later, we overrun the city in a sea of people the founders probably never dared imagine. For some, a lifetime of hate and oppression have passed but here we are...still. It gives me hope for the future in other countries as well as the U.S. Love really is stronger than hate. We're proving that one parade at a time. 

I'm sure the modern version of Pride in Seattle is a lot rowdier and certainly much more commercial than what they had back in the day. More than half the parade was corporate sponsors. That's not a complaint. I love that businesses are publicly supporting our cause. In fact, the rowdiest group in the organized chaos of color and sound was Amazon cheering and dancing their way down the street.

I only saw about half of what there was to see because it's one of those things that could easily take a weekend even though it only lasts half a day. The big Vancouver Pride parade is in August so that gives me a little time to organize a game plan. So much to see and so little time! I love that type of problem.

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