Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Saving Liam Sale and Street Team #SavingLiamSeries #GayRomance

I have two big announcements this week.

The first is that I'm forming a street team and you can be a part of it! It's a chance to do what you're probably doing about books! Specifically, my books. Tell your friends. Tell your Yahoo group. Chat it up on your blogs, on Facebook, Twitter, wherever your favorite social network lives.

Why should you sign up to do what you're already doing? So I can thank you properly! You guys are the reason the Saving Liam series has done so well and you're the reason my monthly donations to Trevor Project keep climbing. Every book sold helps save a life...and that's not being overly dramatic. Trevor isn't an LGBTQIA support group for teens. It's a suicide incredibly busy one and every one of those calls are answered because Trevor has the funding to keep the lines and private chat rooms open. We're helping them do that and I can't thank you enough.

As a street team member you officially agree to keep doing what you're doing and chat up the books to everyone, as well as leave reviews on bookseller or reader websites. In exchange, you get things like free books, gift cards, and an occasional bit of swag! It's that simple. International readers are welcome to join.

Sign up here and join the street team!

The second announcement will help you street teamers get started. To celebrate the upcoming release of the third book - NAKED TRUTH - I'm putting book one of the series on sale for the entire month of October! Starting today, Saving Liam is available for only $0.99. Tell your friends to get their copies before the sale ends!


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