Friday, October 31, 2014

Who else has an out of control TBR pile? #reading #writing

I just added the 39th book to my TBR pile. Thankfully, most of the pile is ebooks otherwise I'd need an entire bookshelf to hold all the stuff I haven't read yet! The great part is I finished reading one yesterday so, I get to dig into the pile and pick a new adventure. The bad part is I can only choose one.

Photo by See-ming Lee

How about you guys? Do you have an out of control TBR pile, too? Do you read them in the same order you purchased them or do you pick the one that appeals to you most at the moment?

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  1. My TBR stack is about 27; 16 physical books, the rest ebooks. I'm trying not buying anymore books until I can read through enough of these to manage it better. I usually have two books going at the same time. One is usually a long book, or nonfiction, while the other is shorter or part of a series. Of course, it can't always work out that way, but it at least gives me a choice when I sit down to read. Good luck with your reading.

    1. That sounds like a good plan, Kenneth. I conquered the habit of buying new books while I still have a pile to read and have switched to downloading samples to my Kindle. It's easier on the budget but doesn't do anything to control my list. Thanks for the comment!