Friday, March 13, 2015

Bad PR Goes Global with Google

Have you heard about the new partnership between Google and Twitter? Neither had I. When it finally hit my in-box I didn't think it made any difference. Having tweets show up almost instantly in a Google search didn't seem to matter except in an accidental and fortuitous kind of marketing. 

Then I read a more in-depth article about it and realized the connection could have bigger repercussions for some writers. Let me give you an example. Suppose you're in the middle of one of those ill-advised online fights with another writer or their readers. It spills from Goodreads to Facebook to Twitter as most things do. Later that same day, a new reader Googles your name to find out more about your books. What do you think comes up at the top of the search results? Tweets with your author name pointing directly to the bitchy little blowout that highlighted some of your worst moments in the public eye.

Guess what is going to be spread to other readers by that new person who has just had their first official introduction to you? They don't even know your titles yet but they know your name and they think they know your reputation. Congratulations. You've just been relegated to the "never buy" list of a reader who hasn't read so much as your book's blurb. What does that mean in an era of increased competition where every book has to stand out against thousands of other options?

I'll say it again...control your image online or it will kill your career.

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