Friday, May 29, 2015

Work Smarter: The Power of Cross-Promotion

When it comes to successful marketing, authors helping authors is vital. It makes sense to share someone else's book with your readers when that author is doing the same for you. After all, the readers get through books much faster than you write. You'll never keep them all to yourself.

courtesy of pixabay

Triberr works almost entirely on the idea of cross-promotion. (By the way, if you have a blog and you're not on Triberr you need to fix that!) However, there is a right way and a useless way to do it. The right way starts with knowing your audience.

Few readers stick to a single genre. There is crossover in places, but not all genres fit together. For example, if you write historical romance and try to promote an erotic romance to your readers, how many will actually take interest in that new book? If you don't know anything about your readers then it's a crap shoot. It may work. It may not. 

courtesy of Pixabay

However, if you know most of your readers prefer historical and sweet romance, it's unlikely an erotic romance will gain any traction. You're wasting time tossing books on your feed that your followers don't want to read and encouraging them to pay a little less attention to your Twitter account. 

When Triberr limits the number of blogs you can share in a day, it doesn't make sense to waste those spots on books your readers don't care about. In other words, it's wasted effort. Sharing everything from every author you meet may be good manners, but it's a bad marketing plan. 

Remember, you're trying to sell a product. It doesn't make sense to advertise sunblock to people looking for snow tires.

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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Hop Toward Equality #HAHBT

May 17th is a day few people acknowledge. Not because they don't care, but because they don't know it exists. This year you're invited to celebrate the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, and Transphobia with us!

Click here to visit the Hop homepage.

Maybe the reason the day doesn't get much attention is because the words don't have much impact for the average person. Homophobia is a very innocuous term. It doesn't adequately represent the damage done by those who have it. Biphobia isn't about fear. Transphobia shouldn't be treated as a disease. It's not a disease. It's not even a true phobia. It's a learned behavior, a mindset, a transference of one person's self-loathing to someone else. 

It's not fear. It's hatred and homophobia, biphobia, and transphobia create as much pain as any other kind of hatred. Strip away the excuses and justifications and it's all the same bigoted nonsense the human race has endured since before winners and losers were documented in print.

Today is all about acknowledging and stopping the hate. It's also about taking a peek inside the fictional lives of LGBT characters, living in their skin, and trying to understand how the childish fear of someone else's sexuality impacts those on the receiving end of it. 

I hope you join us in celebrating diversity. 117 of us are holding contests and giving away prizes in this hop so grab your coffee and get hopping! You don't want to miss this.

My prize is a free copy of any ebook in my catalog. Enter to win by leaving a comment below. You don't have to be profound. A simple 'hi' is good enough.

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Friday, May 15, 2015

Nominate-A-Brat Contest Opens Today!

Have you ever found a character in a book that reminded you of someone? You sat reading paragraph after paragraph, nodding along with the antics, wondering when the author had bumped into your best friend, ex-boyfriend, mother-in-law. Do you know someone who would kill to be famous or even minimally notorious? 

This is your chance to make it happen! 

courtesy of Pixabay

Introducing the 2015 Nominate-A-Brat Contest.

Here's how it works. Select an endearing, frustrating, crazy brat from your gaggle of friends, family, and random acquaintances. Enter their name for a chance to see them included in my next book: Blue, A Saving Liam Spinoff. One nominated brat will be selected at random to have their name in the book. If your brat wins, both of you will receive a free copy of the ebook to show off at the next family reunion, office party, random picnic. 


  1. The winning brat will not be able to choose the subplot, scene, or behavior of the character that wears their name. If your brat is particularly sensitive to the idea of their name belonging to a crazed transgender drummer, gay alcoholic ex-boyfriend, straight serial arsonist, or the like, you may want to reconsider nominating them.
  2. The book will be GayRom. Again, if you think your brat will be offended by seeing their name in a book about gay men, you may want to reconsider nominating them.
  3. All attempts will be made to cast the brat's character in a favorable light...even if they are an alcoholic or arsonist. If you hope to fictionally slander someone you don't like, this is the wrong contest.
  4. The nominated brat will be notified by email.
  5. No, you cannot nominate yourself.
  6. Only one entry per email address is allowed.
  7. No purchase or donation is necessary to enter.
  8. International entrants are welcome
  9. A winning brat will be selected at random on June 15, 2015
  10. The winning brat and the person who nominated them will be notified via email no later than June 30, 2015.

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Friday, May 1, 2015

Author vs. Career Author - What's the difference? #writing

Are you an author?

Being an author is all about the attitude. Not ego. That's a different thing. 

I'm talking about the mindset common to most members of the publishing community. Authors sacrifice for the opportunity to get a few hundred more words on the page, whether it's time with family or sleep. They wander around forever plotting stories, mumbling ideas, jotting plot points on scraps of paper. They're often heard scolding themselves for spending too much time on Facebook when stories need writing, characters need developing, sub-plots need grooming. 

Is that you? Then you're an author.

Are you a career author?

Career authors build on the foundation they started as a writer. Study of the craft doesn't stop when they get that first contract. They see the inaugural book as the beginning of the journey, not the end. They invest in their continued education as a writer, pushing themselves to do more than simply create stories. They want to create addicts! 

These authors are easy to spot. Their fifth book is always better than their first and their tenth is better than their fifth. They may only publish one book a year, but it's a book their fans gladly spend a year waiting for, digging for other things to read to help them pass the time, dancing in place when the pre-order announcement comes out. 

Two of the best examples of career authors are JK Rowling and Nora Roberts. Mastering one genre isn't enough. They have other stories, other voices, other challenges to explore. They aren't afraid to put aside a well-known pseudonym and create a new one in a different genre, an unknown voice, working to win readers all over again.

For career authors it's all about the challenge of perfecting the craft, getting the words just right. They create the addiction that inspires readers to lose sleep, miss their bus stop, postpone chores because they can't put the book down. Don't even suggest they skip pages to get to the end sooner. They don't want to miss a single word, victims of the 'one more chapter' intoxication.

Does it matter?

Does that make career authors more worthy of the title of author? I don't think so. There are dozens of reasons to get into publishing. Some people have twenty-year goals and see themselves signing autographs at a new release party when they're ninety. Some have far less ambitious dreams, thrilled to see their name in print whether it sells a hundred copies or a thousand. Some want to be on the NYT best seller list. Some live simply for the rush of positive reviews. That's the great part about this line of work. You set your own goals, mold your own dreams. You can make your career whatever you want it to be.


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