Friday, May 29, 2015

Work Smarter: The Power of Cross-Promotion

When it comes to successful marketing, authors helping authors is vital. It makes sense to share someone else's book with your readers when that author is doing the same for you. After all, the readers get through books much faster than you write. You'll never keep them all to yourself.

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Triberr works almost entirely on the idea of cross-promotion. (By the way, if you have a blog and you're not on Triberr you need to fix that!) However, there is a right way and a useless way to do it. The right way starts with knowing your audience.

Few readers stick to a single genre. There is crossover in places, but not all genres fit together. For example, if you write historical romance and try to promote an erotic romance to your readers, how many will actually take interest in that new book? If you don't know anything about your readers then it's a crap shoot. It may work. It may not. 

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However, if you know most of your readers prefer historical and sweet romance, it's unlikely an erotic romance will gain any traction. You're wasting time tossing books on your feed that your followers don't want to read and encouraging them to pay a little less attention to your Twitter account. 

When Triberr limits the number of blogs you can share in a day, it doesn't make sense to waste those spots on books your readers don't care about. In other words, it's wasted effort. Sharing everything from every author you meet may be good manners, but it's a bad marketing plan. 

Remember, you're trying to sell a product. It doesn't make sense to advertise sunblock to people looking for snow tires.

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