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Guest Post - THE KLOCKWERK KRAKEN by Aidee Ladnier #scifi #gay #giveaway

Introducing Aidee Ladnier's latest release
The Klockwerk Kraken.

Title: The Klockwerk Kraken
Author: Aidee Ladnier
ISBN: MLR-1-02015-0415
Pages: 155
Cover Artist: Deana Jamroz
Editing: Kris Jacen

When the right space pilot walks into his bar, a desperate bartender uses all his wiles (and tentacles) to talk the man into business and his bed--but the spacer is still enslaved by his past and isn't sure he can deal with a two-armed lover, much less one with six.

As the supply shipments stop coming, Teo Houdin needs all his tentacles to keep his waystation bar open. Facing a riot by thirsty miners stranded in the backwater of the galaxy, Teo helps a greenie space pilot buy a ship in return for a regular haul of liquor. But he longs for the courage to invite the enigmatic spacer to fill his lonely bed as well.

Still smarting from his newly implanted navigational ports, Jimenez knows owning his own ship will prevent him from ever being bought and sold again. For a former slave, transporting cargo through the emptiness of space sounds like paradise, but after meeting the compassionate and sexy Teo, his heart feels empty, too.

At the edge of the galaxy's spiral arm, can Teo convince Jimenez that the heart has its own tentacles and theirs should be entwined forever?

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Teo delayed last call, loathe to break up the party atmosphere imbuing the bar, but his eyelids drooped and his knees ached. The collective groan at his declaration made him smile. He filled the last orders and then began cleaning up as patrons finished their drinks, paid their tabs, and ambled away. Until only he and Jimenez remained. He chuckled at Jimenez staring glassy-eyed at the half-filled shelves of alcohol behind the bar.

“Hey, spacer, need help walking to your room?”

Teo sauntered out from the bar in the time it took Jimenez to twist on his stool and catch himself from falling down. Teo smirked. “Yeah. Looks like you can use some help.”

“I jush bought a sssship.” Jimenez’s unfocussed eyes alighted on Teo as he encircled arms and tentacles around the spacer to keep him on his feet while they ascended the stairs.

“I heard.” Teo grinned. “Bet she’s a beauty.”

“Ish the mosh beautiful sssship in the galaxy.” Jimenez’s words slurred like so much syrup from his mouth.

“You’ll have to give me a tour of her.” Teo pulled him closer as Jimenez stumbled against the railing.

“Why’re you a Pod?” Jimenez squinted at him, a wrinkle folding the skin between his brows.

Teo’s smile faltered. Jimenez still had a problem with his arms. It was just like Teo’s perverse cock to yearn for the one guy skeeved out by tentacles.

“Just born that way.” He propped the spacer against the door of his room and pressed his palm to the lock.

“But you’re sho…” The spacer’s clumsy hand reached to pat at Teo’s cheek. Teo leaned away from the flailing fingers.

“Yeah, I know. Irresistible.” The words lingered bitter on his tongue leaving a terrible taste behind. Why did he attract the thrill-seekers and drunks? Why couldn’t he find a nice sober guy? No doubt it had something to do with where he worked.

“Unab— unatt— unobtai—” Jimenez swallowed turning a little green. Teo shuffled him inside and toward the bathroom.

“No.” The spacer stopped him by clamping a hand on the doorframe. “I won’t get sick. I—” Jimenez turned in his arms and kissed Teo flat on the mouth.

The sour taste of whiskey met his tongue as the spacer took advantage of the shock that opened Teo’s mouth. The warm wet seduction of his lips and the prickle of his short beard sent an instant bolt of arousal to Teo’s cock. In response, all his arms pulled Jimenez closer. A fire ignited in his groin and his cock hardened. Teo longed to rub the man against his body until he came, kissing his mobile lips and sucking each bloom of pleasure from his mouth.

Jimenez’s fingers tunneled through his hair, holding their mouths together. The urgency of the kiss had Teo backing him against a wall for leverage, and the spacer retaliated by wrapping his legs around Teo’s body. Teo’s tentacles supported the spacer’s thighs while he pressed into the warm, willing heat of Jimenez.

Then the kiss changed, slowed, turned hesitant as the spacer’s hands roamed to his back, to where his shirt material opened around the extra arms. Jimenez shrank back.

The silence stretched between them as their panting breaths became the sole sound pounding against Teo’s ears. Jimenez unwound his legs from Teo. Teo retreated, removing himself from Jimenez’s grasp. He swallowed the bitter aftertaste of their kisses.

“Good night.”

Teo shut the door with a soft snick, wishing he’d slammed it.

The next morning, the spacer left before Teo woke. 

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Aidee Ladnier began writing fiction at twelve years old but took a hiatus to be a magician’s assistant, ride in hot air balloons, produce independent movies, collect interesting shoes, and amass a secret file with the CIA. A lover of genre fiction, it has been a lifelong dream of Aidee's to write both romance and erotica with a little science-fiction, fantasy, mystery, or the paranormal thrown in to add a zing.