Thursday, August 20, 2015


Long before he was a successful songwriter and black-belt badass, Blue was a survivor.

One of the most popular characters from the Saving Liam saga is ready to tell his story! Destined for greatness, Blue reveals the past that made him the scarred bad boy we love.

Cover by LC Chase

One ultimatum cost him everything.

It was supposed to bring a new beginning, a new life. Instead, it left him near death with nothing to rely on but the kindness of a stranger. Hostile and headstrong, Blue needs a calmer influence to balance his fury. Someone to save him from himself.

Brady’s life was quiet and orderly until fate sent him a blue-eyed hurricane. Bursts of temper and flashes of despair batter his efforts to calm the storm in a man he doubts he can tame. One drowning in the wreckage of his past.

With a head full of lies and a body full of scars, Blue must work to rebuild his life with the help of a man determined to prove sometimes trust is worth the risk.


Blue shuffled into the room rumpled and silent, several minutes before the clock reached four a.m. He collapsed on the couch, gazed pinned to the television as if it held something more interesting than stock values. Brady pushed back from his desk and walked across the room to drag the afghan from the back of the couch and drape it over Blue. He'd stopped asking if he was alright months ago. It was a pointless question. If Blue was awake at that hour, he wasn't okay, and the reason was obvious.

He crouched beside the couch and swept the hair from Blue’s eyes.

"Need anything, cub?"

Blue shook his head.


He kissed Blue's forehead and stood to retrace his steps. Blue reached out and grabbed a handful of denim at his shin to keep him from getting very far.

"You'd tell me if I was getting to be a pain in the ass, right?" Blue's voice was quiet and rough.

Brady sank back to the floor. "Yes and you're not."

"You're not lying to me because you think that's what I want to hear?"

"Is that what the dream was about?" he asked.

"Don't change the subject."

He smiled. "I'm not lying." He stroked Blue's hair because he couldn't have that conversation and keep his hands to himself. "If you're still worried about last night, don't. I doubt anyone, but the three of us even noticed your mood. No harm done."

The television whispered in the silence, and Blue's expression gained a few degrees of intensity.

"Do you know how easy it would be for me to lose everything?" Blue asked.

"Harder than you think."

"One bad mood too many. One careless comment..."

"You're not a treadmill with a glitch. I'm not going to throw you out because you get on my nerves once too often."

"It happens, Poppy."

"I know, but not with me."

He leaned close to make his point with another kiss to Blue's forehead. Blue had other ideas. He grabbed Brady by the shirt, raised his chin to intercept the offered bit of affection, and kissed him. It wasn't wild or demanding. More determined and full of need. Blue kept him close by the shirt crumpled in his fist, pulling Brady to his knees. He sank fingers into Blue’s hair, encouraged by the lack of objection.

It was hotter this time, emotion that surpassed flirtation weeks ago lit by the sparks, like a paper lantern too close to the fire. He wanted to pull Blue off the couch and into his arms to see how far they could take things before Blue's self-loathing called a penalty. He didn't get the chance.

Blue broke the kiss, Brady's shirt still held in his fist. He dropped his forehead to Brady's shoulder and lay panting against his neck, keeping him close.

"Since we're being honest, I'm not going to say I'm sorry I did that," Blue said.

"That makes two of us."

"I want you, Poppy. Really, really want you and I don't know how to get around the shit in my head to make that happen."

"Dr. Geist would probably say we should do this one step at a time."

"No. She'd tell me I'm moving too fast and need to stop taunting both of us with something we can't have right now."

Blue brought his head up, released Brady's shirt and flopped back on the couch.

Coming September 25, 2015 

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One-Dollar Challenge for Homeless Kids. #LGBT #homeless #charity

Hello, bookworms!

As most of you know, I'm doing a charity drive this month to benefit Seattle's homeless kids. If you don't, you can read about it here.

These kids are my passion. I've seen how they live. They have nothing. Their parents have failed them. Child Services has failed them. Society has failed them. They survive among predators living on dumpster food and the kindness of strangers. 

Strangers like you and me.

I know money is tight for everyone these days. Budgets are stretched and books are expensive! I feel it, too. That's why I'm making this challenge easy.

It's the $1 Challenge!

I firmly believe little acts of kindness change the world. One word. One smile. One dollar. One dollar is the lowest amount YouthCare's website will accept as a donation. That's the amount I'm asking you to give. One dollar.

Please, help me help them. Donate now and know you’re making the difference in the life of a teen who has nowhere else to turn.

Please Give!

If you want to give to the fund to improve YouthCare's lending library, enter 
in the comment box on the donation form.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Calling All Bookworms: Seattle's homeless kids need your help! #homeless #teens #giveaway

Hello, fellow bookworms!

I’m launching an exciting new project this summer, and you guys get to join me! In fact, I can’t do it without you.

How many times have you read a book to escape stress, quiet the chaos in your head, or calm your nerves? Personally, I’ve lost track. It’s one of many things readers have in common. Regardless of the genre, we get something vital out of losing ourselves in a story. A life without books is a horror few of us would survive with our sanity intact!

Imagine having nothing to do but contemplate the mess your life has become? Day after day, stretching into months. Maybe even years. That’s the reality homeless kids face every day. In the Seattle area, up to 10,000 of them a year end up on the street, surviving on handouts, dumpster food, and prostitution with little hope of anything better.

They are kids someone labeled worthless and threw away. For most it’s a life sentence they won’t survive. Not without the help of strangers.

That's where YouthCare comes in. They have one of the largest programs for homeless kids in Western Washington. Their mission is to get teens off the street and back into life regardless of their race, religion, history, sexuality, or gender identity. They have shelters, an outreach network, and one of the only programs dedicated to LGBTQIA kids, a population that makes up 22% of our homeless teens.

I want to help YouthCare do their job, so for the month of August, I’ll be running a campaign to do something unusual. Something we bookworms will understand. YouthCare has a lending library for kids both inside the shelter and still sleeping on the street. I want to build them a better one.

Why books? Because these kids need hope and what better way to find it than in the pages of a story about survivors, heroes, and champions fighting impossible odds and winning despite them. They will also need basic skills to compete in the job market. Books help improve their reading ability and comprehension. A library won’t solve their problems, but it will help support YouthCare in their mission to rescue our kids.

Please. Help us help them.

All the money goes directly to YouthCare. I’m not getting a cut of it, and neither is anyone else. 100% of every dollar goes to the library project. To prove it, all donations will be made on the YouthCare website. While you’re there, feel free to check them out and learn more about the group you’re supporting.

Please, donate now and know you’re making the difference in the life of a teen who has nowhere else to turn.

Please Give!

A few notes about donating:

Please enter "2015 Library" in the comment box so YouthCare will know your contribution goes toward the library.

Minimum donation amount: $1 

Anonymous donations: mark the anonymous box on the donation form. Your information will not be shared, but you still have to provide your address so they can charge your credit card.

Tax deductible: All donations are tax deductible, and YouthCare will mail a receipt to your billing address.

Now for some fun!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

No donation or purchase is necessary to enter. Contest is open to international entrants. Contest closes at 11:59 pm (US Pacific time) August 31, 2015. A winner will be chosen September 1, 2015.