Friday, April 8, 2016

Klub Kids by Johnny Williams now in ebook! #GayRom #Comedy

A funny book by a funny guy!

Klub Kids is now available in ebook courtesy of Wilde City Press. 


I'm Johnny Williams...  lived in NYC for awhile, near the corner of Bleecker and Charles.  I'm from New Hope, Pa area, and have moved back down around there again to be near my mom for awhile.

This book is a bio of my times in the clubs in NYC, and my friends I knew then and now.  It's a fun trip through the bars and clubs, looking for love, but mostly finding sex, drugs, and tons of Mr. Wrongs.


"I'll find you someone. I promise." We laid there quietly for a while longer.
“Alive.” I said.
Danny sighed. “ He’ll be alive.”
“With all his own hair and teeth.”
“Wealthy too.” I continued.
“Anything else?”
“Get him to look like Brad Pitt.”
“What if he looks like Johnny Depp?”
“Okay . . . if I must.”

What are readers saying?

"It is hard for any gay man to read this without thinking of their own bouts of insanity as they looked for "the one"...... if you can not read this book without a smile coming to your face as you think back in your own life then brother, you haven't lived!"

"I didn't know what to expect from this book but I am glad that I ordered it. I started it on a Saturday afternoon and could not put it down, I finished it in one day! I had to know how it ended. I have never laughed out loud at a book this much before. It was written as if you felt you were a part of this group of kids. I want to read more! Please have a sequel, I will reserve another Saturday afternoon just to read it!"

If you're looking for a fun read, pick up a copy of Klub Kids!

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