Thursday, May 19, 2016

Pride and Politics: Why I'm still attending Seattle Pride #LGBT

The new rainbow shoe designs are out which means it’s officially Pride season!

This year is off to an interesting start with corporate politics hogging the spotlight.  L.A. Pride is threatening to drop the LGBT and reimage their event as a music festival complete with higher ticket prices. Seattle just signed an exclusive deal with a corporate sponsor that bans all competitors from participating.

Some people are threatening to boycott the events, annoyed by the politics that have nothing to do with equality. Others saw this coming; the inevitable conclusion of parades that stopped being about equality a long time ago. They’re about product positioning, publicity, and the struggle to fund events this extravagant. 

Despite the drama over sponsors and corporate politics (Let's be honest, our community thrives on drama), I still plan to attend Pride this year. Let me explain why.

The year before last I was at Seattle Pride. (I alternate between Seattle and Vancouver). I went alone that year because you know how it is when you try to coordinate with friends sometimes. If you wait for the timing to work, you never go anywhere! Since I’m not intimidated by hordes of strangers, it isn’t a big deal for me to go stag.

Sitting on the sidewalk, waiting for the parade to begin, I met a young man. It was his first year at Pride, and he was trying to see it all on his lunch break. I invited him to sit down, and we started talking. Like most LGBTs, his path to understanding who he was and how he felt about it meandered through several stages. He suspected he’d found his real identity. That afternoon, on the sidewalk next to me, was the first time he’d ever said it aloud to anyone. 

He was a transman. 

At some point, he would have to tell his family and his girlfriend that the lesbian thing didn’t really fit. It was more than that. In the meantime, he came to Pride to mingle with others like him and find the courage to tell a stranger.  

It was a great afternoon for both of us. The haters still walked the streets with bullhorns, damning us to their imaginary hell. Corporate sponsors professed loyalty most of them don’t express any other time of year. It didn’t matter. It was an amazing day.

That’s why I go. These kids don’t know about the politics and infighting. They don’t care about the money and floats. They need what we all needed at one point: the chance to feel included and speak their truth to people they hope will understand.

That moment never stops happening. Every generation discovers it anew. For me, that’s the reason for Pride.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Hop for Equality and Win! #LGBT #IDAHOT #Giveaway

We're celebrating the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia! Today we're coming together as authors and activists to show that we all belong.

We fight together because we all want the same thing: the right to live free and equal.

Join us in the hop, enter to win some great prizes, and help us spread the word!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*Open to international entrants. Winner will be selected and notified on May 25th.

Update: my hop winner is Trix. Thank you to everyone who hopped along with us!

Every author/blogger is doing their own giveaway. Visit each page below for a new chance to win!

1. B. A. Brock (BI TR GAY LES)  23. Amelia Bishop (MULTI)  45. Remmy Duchene (MM)  
2. Jamie Fessenden  24. Moonbeams over Atlanta - Eloreen Moon (MM, REV, MULTI)  46. Sharita Lira writing as BLMorticia M/M  
3. Rory Ni Coileain  25. Helena Stone (M/M )  47. Barbara Winkes (LES)  
4. Erica Pike (M/M)  26. AM Leibowitz (M/M, F/F, BI, TR, NB, REV)  48. Bronwyn Heeley (m/m)  
5. Andrew Jericho (GAY)  27. L.D. Blakeley (M/M, BI)  49. L. J. LaBarthe  
6. Tempeste O\'Riley (M/M (Bi) (NB)  28. Lila Leigh Hunter [M/M, BI]  50. VJ Summers (m/m, m/m/f)  
7. The Macaronis [various]  29. Sharon Bidwell  51. Nikka Michaels (M/M)  
8. Elin Gregory [mm]  30. Nicole Dennis (M/M, ACE, M/M/F)  52. Caraway Carter (LGBT)  
9. Alexa MIlne  31. Lexi Ander  53. L M Somerton (M/M)  
10. Nic Starr (M/M)  32. Barbara G.Tarn (M/M, ACE)  54. Taylor Law (GAY)  
11. Evelise Archer (MM)  33. Kaje Harper M/M, TR, BI  55. Anastasia Vitsky (F/F, TR, BI)  
12. Sue Brown  34. JMS Books LLC  56. Draven St. James (M/M)  
13. Elizabeth Varlet (M/M, BI, NB)  35. JM Snyder  57. A.V. Sanders (GAY, ACE, NB)  
14. Raven J. Spencer  36. Dean Pace-Frech  58. Lynley Wayne  
15. Sharing Links and Wisdom (REV)  37. Kimber Vale  59. DP Denman (GAY)  
16. Lisa Horan (REV/Multi)  38. Jacintha Topaz (BI, F/F, M/M, TR)  60. M.A. Church M/M  
17. Archer Kay Leah (M/M, F/F, TR, NB, BI, ACE)  39. Prism Book Alliance├é® (MULTI)  61. Andrew J. Peters GAY  
18. Alexis Duran (M/M)  40. Eva Lefoy (M/M, F/F, F/M/F, BI, MULTI)  62. Dianne Hartsock MM  
19. Jules Dixon  41. Lou Sylvre (M/M)  63. M. LeAnne Phoenix M/M F/F  
20. R.M. Olivia  42. Anne Barwell  64. Cherie Noel (M/M)  
21. Heloise West (M/M)  43. Viki Lyn (M/M)  65. Chris McHart (M/M, Trans*)  
22. Angel Martinez (M/M GAY BI TR)  44. Sean Michael  

Thursday, May 12, 2016

BLUE Is Now In Paperback! Check it out and enter to win. #GayRom #Giveaway

Blue is now a paperback!

The bestseller has a new cover and a new format.

Title: Blue
Series: Blue Series
Author: D.P. Denman
Genre: Gay Contemporary Romance
Format: ebook, paperback

He escaped a program designed to cure him. Instead, it left him near death with nothing to rely on but the generosity of a stranger. Hostile and headstrong, Blue needs a calmer influence to balance his fury. Someone to save him from himself.

Brady’s life was quiet and orderly until fate sent him a blue-eyed hurricane. Bursts of temper and flashes of despair batter his efforts to quiet the storm in a man he doubts he can tame, one drowning in the wreckage of his past.

With a head full of lies and a body full of scars, Blue works to rebuild his life with the help of a man determined to prove sometimes trust is worth the risk.

Blue features one of the most popular characters of the Saving Liam saga! Destined for greatness, he reveals the past that made him the scarred bad boy readers love.