Monday, October 24, 2016

Win It Before You Can Buy It Contest - WE HAVE WINNERS! Fade to Blue #Giveaway #GayRom

It's almost here!

The countdown has begun for the release of Book 3 in the Blue Series. This is your chance to win a copy before you can buy it! Five winners will get a free copy of the ebook and you could be one of them.

Fraud? Lies? Deceit? Everybody needs a hobby.

Brady Halverson is a self-made man with his life under control. He has the money. He has the man. He has it all until an international scandal pits brother against brother, and he realizes how quickly he could lose it.

While Brady is learning the truth behind his brother’s lies, his boyfriend Blue is learning another lesson. A careless moment divides Blue’s circle of friends, threatening to tear it apart. Putting things back together forces both of them to test the bonds of friendship and family.

For one man, things will never be the same.


Blue sat on a black leather couch in the lobby of Berner, Riley, and Stone, watching people in suits stride past. Everyone was in a hurry as if the law firm had a minimum speed limit through the reception area to foster the appropriate atmosphere of urgency. After all, nobody wanted to see their five-hundred-dollar-an-hour lawyer stroll casually past the front desk like they had nothing better to do.

It was the only humorous thing about that morning, and Blue clung to it for a moment before letting the thought drift away.

He hadn't planned to spend their anniversary getting a closer look at the rat race. He'd imagined a lazy day in bed, rolling in wilted rose petals with Brady and wishing they had room service. Mark’s call last night had shredded that fantasy. He had news and the tone in his voice hadn't implied it was good. 

Dressed in jeans and a dark green button-down shirt, Blue sat next to Brady, a hand rested on his thigh for moral support. He had a feeling Brady was going to need it before the morning was over. Brady's more severe outfit said the same thing, black pants and a black polo shirt broadcasting his mood to anyone not capable of reading it on his face.

The quiet chime of the elevator floated in from the bay around the corner a moment before Dina and J.P. stepped into view. Dina strode to where they sat, inspiring Brady to stand and greet her with a kiss. J.P. gave them a wave on his way to the reception desk.

"Morning, Dina." Blue stood with Brady and kissed her other cheek.

"Morning, Blue. This is a shitty way to spend your anniversary, isn't it? I'm sorry."

He smiled because he couldn't help it. Her choice of words contradicted her tasteful outfit and conservative pearls. The trappings of immense wealth couldn't smother the attitude of a woman who had spent half her life struggling to survive. He was sure she caught plenty of socialites off guard.

"It's okay. He'll make it up to me."

"And then some," Brady said. "Have a seat, Mom."

They didn't have a chance to get comfortable.

"Mr. Stone is ready for you now." One of the receptionists walked from behind the front desk, J.P. trailing her. "I'll show you to the conference room."

She walked them down the hall, past lawyers in their individual cells with backs to the high-rise view, too focused on their computer screens to notice. The room where Mark would spend the next hour flogging them with sharp bits of reality was in a corner. Large windows looked out on the neighboring building and traffic twenty stories below. Empty, the space looked cozy. Blue expected it to creep toward claustrophobic when they all gathered around the table, discussing the disaster annoying everyone but Terry, the man who had caused it.

Congratulations to the contest winners!

Des L.
Debra G.
Marie C.

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