Friday, March 24, 2017

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All is fair in love and war. Let the battle begin!

From award-winning author, D.P. Denman comes the continuing story of Brady and Blue! A hot new rock star shows up in Vancouver, and Blue Atkins’ career turns out to be more explosive than anyone imagined. His first shot at producing traps him between the kid determined to have him and the boyfriend determined to blame him.

The young singer’s desperate antics crank up Brady’s jealousy and drive Blue out of both their lives into new opportunities and the arms of another man. Read this exciting new installment in the Blue Series and find out if Brady can bring him home before he loses Blue to a sparkling new life in Los Angeles.


Palms pressed into the mattress on either side of Brady's broad shoulders, Blue looked down at him.

"Do you trust me?"

"This isn't about not trusting you." Brady rested his hands on Blue's thighs. "I don't trust him."

"What do you think would happen if he tried to fuck me without permission?"

"You'd break his neck."

Blue was halfway to his third dan black belt in karate. Brady wasn't kidding. Though, if it came to that, Blue would leave it at a sprain that served as a lingering reminder to C.K. to develop some self-control.

"And what could a kid like that possibly offer to make me willingly betray you?" Blue asked.

"A finished album and producer credits."

“I already have a contract for that.”

“Unless he refuses to cooperate.”

"Blackmail? Fuck him, or he won’t sing?"

"Something like that."

"He'd have to come up with one hell of a story to convince Freeman to kill the album."

"Or lie and say he wanted to quit because you were the one doing the seducing."

He scowled at the scenario more detailed than a spontaneous conversation should have been. Blue leaned close and kissed him, removing the words from his tongue. "Freeman can fire me. I don't care. C.K. doesn't have anything I want."

"Even if he strips naked and climbs in your lap — and don't pretend he hasn't thought about it." 

"Not even if he breaks out a dildo and fucks himself as a demonstration. Besides, I doubt he and I like the same games. Two seconds after he got his clothes off I'd have scared him so bad he'd beg me to leave him alone."

Blue liked rough sex, the kind that walked the edge of abusive. C.K. struck him as the pedestrian type. Careful. Tender. Boring.

Brady didn't look reassured.

"I'm kidding. I'd never let him take it that far."

"This is the wrong time, Cub," Brady said.

Brady had christened him with that nickname long before their first kiss, labeling him a feisty cougar kit, hostile, fragile and desperately in need of mothering. He hadn't been wrong.

"Sorry," he said. "The point is I love you, not him. Right?"

"Yeah." Brady nodded.

"He's just a horny kid. You have nothing to worry about.I guarantee you won't come home to anything more alarming than what usually happens around here: the recycle bin overflowing with beer bottles and an empty refrigerator." He rested his head on Brady's chest and heard a sigh rush through him, a wordless confession of fear and resignation.


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