Friday, July 26, 2013

One Man’s Fat Mouth Is another Man’s Lost Election

I read an article earlier this week that showcased a politician who refers to LGBTs as “soulless”. Yeah, you know the guy. I’m not sure if he is so brazen with his hatred because enough of his constituents foster the same attitude or because he mistakenly assumes they do. Either way he’s not alone in his campaign to keep LGBTs in the closet. I don’t know about you guys but there are days when it’s difficult for me to put a positive spin on loud-mouthed public figures like him. Maybe this will help.

Rumor has it the Republicans are huddled in a corner somewhere frantically trying to scrape together a new public image. Losing the last two presidential elections might not have convinced them that most voters don’t support their conservative agenda but the recent push for immigration reform and LGBT rights has their attention. They don’t have a good rapport with either of those groups. 2016 will be a landslide in the wrong direction if they don’t do something to distance themselves from the vocal radicals that want a straight, white, Christian nation. Good luck with that when you can’t pry them away from the microphone with a crowbar.

Here’s the good part. Every hateful tirade that hits the papers makes it less likely the voting public will see the GOP as anything other than a cold spiteful bunch with the same agenda that’s been pandering to the ultra-conservatives for over a decade. They can break out the Grecian formula and Botox but it won’t be enough.

So rant on Mr. Politician! Scream your hatred loud and proud. I’d love to see what the Democrats accomplish with a third term.

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