Friday, November 1, 2013

My Trip to the Land of Coffee

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending a trade show dedicated to my favorite industry: COFFEE! CoffeeFest is a three-day celebration of Seattle's favorite bean. 2,700 people showed up to wander around 150 booths displaying coffee and snacks. I got a buzz just walking in the exhibition hall. A steady stream of sample cups landed in my hand as I walked up and down the aisles tasting the best the industry has to offer.

I left hours later riding the edge of java burnout (gasp!) with a new appreciation for the effort and artistry that go into creating a noteworthy cup of coffee. I discovered a new favorite chai tea mix and that there is such a thing as red velvet latte. I spoke to coffee sleeve designers, coffee bloggers and latte artists. I also discovered that even the professionals don't always watch the pot closely enough to keep coffee from burning.

Weeks later, there are still things that stick in my mind. The most prominent isn't related to the latte art competitions or the offers to put my logo on everything from disposable cups to coffee bags. It’s a coffeemaker that's a combination of coffee, art and chemistry that spoke to the java addict, artist and unbridled geek in me. 

This one is a tower made by Pure Solutions and is more industrial looking than some of the others but the basic idea is the same. You pour water in the glass container on top. It drips into a glass filter full of coffee grounds and ends up in a beaker on the bottom. It doesn't use electricity or require replacement filters. It's cold brewed so if you want hot you take the beaker and set it on a burner to heat it up. The taste was amazing. The design was spectacular not to mention a great conversation piece.

The concept has a few flaws, I'll admit. Depending on how fast you set the flow of water from the top, a batch takes six to eight hours and there's no timer so it won't start itself. While it will brew even when the power is out cold brew means it sits on the kitchen counter and drips away in silence without the bubbling, churning or aroma. I don't think it's practical for every day home use but it's still the coolest looking coffeemaker I've ever seen.

Available now. Get your copy today!

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