Thursday, January 2, 2014

Censoring a Hatemonger?

A headline from Gay Star News caught my eye this afternoon. It was about an ultra-conservative hatemonger who has dedicated her life to bigotry. You know the type. Apparently, she's written a book advising parents to ignore their children when they come out because LGBT kids have no idea what they're talking about and such a confession isn't relevant. If taken seriously the children will throw away their lives over something trivial and ultimately inaccurate because kids only turn gay after being led astray. Coming out is nothing more than a misguided attempt to adopt a new persona.

The first story about her publishing such a pile of rubbish came out last week. That led to today's follow-up story about how the book is no longer offered on Amazon. My interest in reading the story wasn't in congratulating Amazon for the action but in protesting the removal if that's indeed what had happened. I don’t respect the woman who wrote it or the house that published it but censorship is never ok even when the person being censored is clearly in need of a good shrink and some powerful drugs.

Not to worry. Amazon didn't go on another round of virtual book burning. Her publisher decided not to sell it on Amazon any longer for reasons unmentioned.

Further down in the article however, I did find an interesting piece of information. According to this hateful woman, gay rights advocates like me are 'masters of demonic manipulation'. I had no idea I had so much power! Can someone tell me if there's a class for making the most of that ability? I feel a little cheated that I don't have a handbook or even a pamphlet. 


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