Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Fast Your Way to a Traditional America #equality #gay

I have seen an array of responses from the Christian community about marriage equality during the past couple of years. They range from acceptance to anger and confusion over how same-sex couples decide who gets to be the bride. That last part seems to be of considerable importance.

Yesterday I saw an article highlighting a reaction to the marriage equality chaos that I've never seen before. A group in Virginia (in concert with other ultra conservative Christian groups) is planning a forty-day fast and prayer vigil to save their state from the inevitable ruling that equality trumps religion. The title of the article is a little inflammatory but once I started reading, what I found was actually a refreshing change.

The group plans to spend part of the summer praying and fasting for what they consider a positive outcome. Personally, I like this idea. I prefer prayer to hateful ranting. I'd much rather have them turn their energy in a less destructive, hurtful direction even if only for a few weeks. If they're focused on praying the problem away rather than ranting it away that means the rest of us can live in peace.

I can see how some people might be annoyed by the thought of others asking god for an intervention that would mean they don't get the same rights everyone else has but personally I've never been intimidated by prayer. It can be a productive means of soul searching but other than that, it's about as harmful as yoga. I have yet to see anyone successfully cursed by vengeful yoga. Besides, the extended fast guarantees the conservatives' thoughts are going to be muddled, unfocused and continually wandering toward pizza and jelly donuts. Mine certainly would be.

As the article's author says, the plan might turn out to have unintended benefits because Virginia has a well-documented problem with obesity. When it's over I doubt they'll hold onto their current elitist laws about who is and isn't worthy of marriage but maybe they'll be a bit thinner so everybody wins, right?

Rock on, Virginia. I hope all the prayer and fasting brings a little clarity of heart and a decrease in cholesterol. 

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