Monday, June 2, 2014

Open Letter to Florida #gay

Dear Attorney General Bondi:
Let me start by saying, I agree with the point you tried and failed to make. The current laws of the state of Florida specifically state marriage is for heterosexuals only. I get it. You can't just choose not to defend that particular law when doing so is your job. 

As for your argument that gays don't need marriage rights because we don't understand the concept of commitment I'd love to know what evidence you have to support it. Have you taken time to meet with gay couples and learn the details of their relationships or are you basing that opinion solely on what you've seen on television and inferred from the flagrant display of sexuality during Pride? 

Let me assure you, annual Pride is not what the gay community is about any more than Saint Patrick's Day accurately represents the Irish. It's gay Spring Break where everybody puts aside the sometimes crushing realities of life and lets it all hang out...literally. It doesn't stand for who we are as a community and what we want. It stands for the freedom to be who we are as individuals. As you've probably figured out, a few of us are perpetually horny and like to walk through town wearing nothing but body paint.

If you're basing your opinion on television and movies then you need to turn off the idiot box and get out more! Hollywood never has and never will accurately represent the lives of average people because it doesn't sell. The closest they come to it is 'reality' TV and let's be honest, that's about as close to real life as Velveeta is to real cheese. 

Contrary to popular Conservative opinion...framed by people who are proud to admit they've never actually spoken to anyone who is's not really a sexual free for all out here. It's just a bunch of average Americans living life. Some of them are good at relationships, some of them aren't. That's no different from the straight community and I don't have to tell you that. Your own divorces are testament to the idea that not every relationship makes it to 'until death do us part'. That doesn't mean couples shouldn't have the right to try it.

Politics and legal arguments aside, I invite you to sit down with some real gay couples in your state and see for yourself that the antics of the Twenty-Something's don't represent everyone in the gay community any more than they do in the straight community. Those kids are a little nuts. They'll outgrow it. The first time you hear a young gay couple talking about getting married one day and how many kids they want to have you'll understand. Gay or straight, when it comes to the quest for Happily Ever After there's no difference and claiming the gay community has no need for a happy ending is at best ignorant.

As for your argument that same-sex marriage will adversely impact society in Florida by reducing the number of children being born, I'm deeply sorry to hear that. Your statement implies that given an alternative, straight couples would marry anyone but the opposite sex and immediately stop having babies. Should we take that to mean Florida's straight community is only having kids because they don't think they have a choice? If the revolutionary idea that you can marry someone of the same sex is going to bring about the downfall of your state that speaks to an issue that has nothing to do with us. While we're concerned for the future of your section of the U.S. we can't claim responsibility for that.

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  1. Nice post. I really think this state will be one of the last to change, which is nuts. The gay wedding money alone this state could be raking in should be enough to make the idiots in Tallahassee in favor of this.

    1. LOL. Right? Gay Days at Disney World could be a big thing. It seems to work in California!