Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Working, Writing, and Winners!

Sometimes life gets a little crazy! Most of you know exactly what I mean. Between work, family, and trying to have a life, it can feel like you're running the wrong way up an escalator.

I've learned several things during the last year and one of them is how much time it takes to run a career as a published author. I set a pace that puts four books a year on the shelves and between writing, reading, editing, and marketing it's non-stop. Sometime in April, I crested the point of devoting 40 hours a week to it. Like a lot of you, I have a "real" job that pays the bills and hogs its own 40 - 50 hours. Volunteer work fits in the cracks. That means I'm working on something almost every minute of the day seven days a week.

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I don't own a television and therefore don't have cable but I do have Netflix so I get sucked into DVDs and TV shows as easily as anyone else. Over the course of a week that equals a lot of wasted time I could use on other things, not to mention that once I plop down on the comfortable couch with my feet up I'm likely to stay there a while. Prodding myself back off it kept getting harder and resulted in a lot of whining so last week I started a little experiment.

I put away the DVD's and traded Netflix for Pandora. Music gets boring after a while so to supplement it I found a cache of old radio show broadcasts and listen to those, as well. Between the two, I am happy (and somewhat surprised) to say I haven't unpacked the DVDs or logged back into Netflix in six whole days. They say it takes ten days to break a habit and so far, I'm well on my way to being permanently TV free!

I recognize the need to have time to just goof off. Otherwise I'll end up with workaholic's burnout and be no good to anyone. I do have an hour or so a day where I'm doing nothing of any importance but I'm less likely to turn it into a marathon and that was the point. Don't worry, I'm not going to be an ass about it. There's nothing wrong with enjoying television and I have no intention of browbeating people into taking the batteries out of their remote controls. The TV industry provides paychecks to a lot of people, some of whom I call my friends but I'll have to support their career choices another way because this alternative relieves a lot of stress for me. 

Have any of you guys ever boycotted television? How did it go? Did you tune back in at some point?

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