Friday, June 27, 2014

You're Always Welcome In Our Parade. #Pride #LGBTQI

In honor of Pride Month…and because we don't say it nearly as often as we should, I want to send a heartfelt "THANK YOU" to our straight allies. If the only people who gave a flying fig about our rights were us, there wouldn't be any parades.

I'm talking specifically to our friends in the Christian (from dozens of different denominations), Jewish, Mormon, Muslim, and Catholic faiths. You guys take a lot of undeserved shit on our behalf from both sides but you stand with us anyway. Sometimes we're a bit too liberal with the "conservatives are evil" paintbrush and slap you in the face by mistake. We know you're not really as foolish and ignorant as some of your ultra-conservative brethren and I'm sorry for all the times we've ignored the difference in our attempt to make a point. 

Most of us really do know the "R" word (religious) doesn't always mean someone is an ignorant pinhead and people of faith aren't always judgmental and hypocritical. There are some very devout people out there with some very big hearts. Some of us in the LGBTQI community are just a little testy and probably shouldn't be allowed out without a handler.

Happy Pride Month, guys! You're welcome to march in our parade anytime. 

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