Friday, August 22, 2014

I wonder, Mrs. Duggar... #transgender #equality

I have a question for Mrs. Duggar (and anyone else who has been swayed by the concept that allowing transgender people to use public restrooms is an unthinkable crime against reason. As if giving them the right to pee is going to send society crumbling into the sea like a melted iceberg.). 

Can we look at this concept rationally for a moment, Mrs. Duggar? Your argument that transgender people don't deserve even the basic right to use a public restroom is predicated on fear that it will put your children at risk. Let's be real. The minor infraction of being in the wrong restroom isn't going to stop a pedophile intent on hurting a child. Those prone to such actions don't wait for legal permission. The truth is, you have no proof the person who was in the next stall the last time you visited one was actually a woman. You just assumed...but that isn't what the fight over bathrooms is about. It's about showing compassion to a fellow human being. It's about treating all people with respect.

Transwomen shouldn't have to risk their lives in order to take a pee and no, that isn't being melodramatic. You stand behind the argument that a child might be hurt yet willingly send someone who looks, dresses, and behaves like one of your daughters into a men's restroom because of a single letter "M" on their birth certificate. Did it ever occur to you that you are sending her into a terrible situation with potentially horrific consequences? 

Would something bad actually happen? It's impossible to say. Not all men are violent bastards looking for a new victim. It's possible they'd be just as upset as you at the thought of someone of the opposite gender standing beside them while they pee. But how comfortable would you feel in that transwoman's place, pushing the door open with no idea what waited on the other side? How comfortable would your daughters feel? 

I wonder, Mrs. Duggar, if it's possible you heard this argument from someone else and found it so upsetting you never looked beyond that initial spark of emotion to see if it actually made sense? Maybe you've heard from others that transgender people are evil, deviant, defective and since you've never actually met one you have nothing to use to repaint that picture. 

I have met them, Mrs. Duggar. Several of them and they are beautiful brave people trying to live a life that comes so easily to you. Transwomen are not drag queens. In fact, they look very little like drag queens. They look like women the same as you, the same as your daughters and that's because inside they are women. Transgender isn't a trick or an evil plot. These are real people, as human as everyone else, whose bodies and brains weren't reading the same set of instructions when they were in the womb. One side spoke one language. One side spoke another. It's nothing worthy of the ridicule and scorn they suffer every day from people who speak without thinking, judge without understanding, hate without reason. 

You of all people, Mrs. Duggar, should know how inaccurate public opinion can be. Many call you and your husband sick and wrong because you have so many children that the young ones are deprived of vital interaction with their parents and the older ones a proper childhood. Are they right? I'm confident you would say they are not. Are they right about transgender people? 

Are you? How do you know if you've never spoken to one?

Isn't it worth meeting a few transwomen before you decide to stand against a bill that would allow them a home, a job, and a place to go when they have stomach cramps? 

Sometimes the problem
 is the answer.

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