Wednesday, November 19, 2014

LGBT Activists, ISIS Radicals, and an Angry Televangelist #LGBT

I saw an article yesterday about a statement Donnie Swaggart made comparing LGBT rights activists to ISIS radicals. Those of you alive in the 1980s probably recognize that name from the role his father played in the meltdown that nearly destroyed televangelism in the U.S. Such a comparison is why the evangelical community is so well known for melodrama! Because they also understand the blow back caused by unnecessarily inflammatory statements, the ministry that owns the video has since taken it down. 

I'm not going to argue how far out of line Mr. Swaggart's statement is. It's based on his personal experience and I haven't been in his shoes so, I can't say whether he's being a drama queen or reacting with understandable anger to some harsh bit of vitriol thrown in his face. From what I've heard, the fight is a little intense in Texas right now on both sides.

Photo courtesy of Rob Chandanais

What I can say is his statement proves my point about those screaming the loudest representing the fewest. I know a couple of people in the LGBTQIA community who have become militant and harsh. They attack like constipated weasels over the slightest thing and, in my opinion, serve little purpose in the fight. They spend as much time arguing with fellow activists as they do those on the other side of the battle, alienating everyone they meet. 

Thankfully, they are the minority just as Mr. Swaggart's comparison probably resonates with very few on his side. Most of us are reasonable a good deal of the time. We haven't seen these tremendous strides in rights and recognition over the last several years because of threats and violence. We got this far by working within the system to change the law...or in many cases, create a law. Stonewall served its purpose back in the day, but we don't have to work nearly that hard to make our voices heard anymore. A rumored report of a gay bashing makes international news before the story is confirmed anywhere other than Facebook. (To the transgender community: don't worry. We'll get you there!)

Most activists don't fit Swaggart's description just like most Christians don't fit the description offered by the lunatic LGBT militants who email death threats to conservatives. A majority of us are average people working on both sides to undo hundreds of years of ignorance and figure out where dearly held religious beliefs fit in the new puzzle. Those who choose to slap each other around using increasingly vicious and slanderous statements are welcome to duke it out in the corner while the rest of us keep working.

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