Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Dreaded "S" Word. #LGBTKids

It's November. If you live in the northern hemisphere that means winter and where there is winter, there's frosty cold white stuff. Snow has already coated parts of the east coast. The snowboarders are happy. The rest of us...not so much.

Photo by chuddlesworth 

Consider this a gentle reminder. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are rushing toward us like Olympians hurtling down a luge track. While you're picking out presents and burrowing through sale racks, keep in mind that thousands of unwanted kids will spend every snow-filled night from now until spring on the street on the wrong side of the double-pane window. 

We've been over this before. Most shelters are about as LGBT friendly as the parents who tossed them out on the street in the first place. There is no guarantee these kids will find a warm bed. Pick up an extra pair of gloves, a ski cap, some hand warmers, thermal underwear, even a package of lip balm will help. Find the organization that caters to homeless kids in your city and send them a care package. If you shudder at the thought of braving the post office, look the charity up online and see if they have an Amazon wish list. Most do these days and Amazon will do the packing and shipping for you.

These are our kids freezing this winter, the latest generation of our rainbow community. Let them know somebody cares.

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