Friday, November 21, 2014

Work Smarter - It's 4:00. Do you know where your Twitter followers are?

Most of you already know how vital Twitter is to a good author platform. Some people post a few tweets a day when they have time. Some five or six times an hour. Some once an hour. How often you post doesn't matter as much as how many of your followers read those posts. 

Because it's an international site, figuring out when your followers are around is often a guessing game. Do you know where a majority of your followers live? Do you know which days and what time of day they are paying attention? With information pouring through Twitter like water through a fire hose it's easy for your tweets to get buried in the deluge. You can't tweet something and expect it to be visible to people an hour later, let alone twelve hours. If your followers follow hundreds or even thousands of other people they'll never see you unless they purposely look for you and if you guess incorrectly, you're wasting a lot of time tweeting things nobody sees.

Photo courtesy of Ian Sane

In order to be effective you need to stop guessing when your followers are online so you can focus your energy in the right direction at the right time. To do that, I use a website for Twitter business called SocialBro. It can do an array of things, most of which I don't use yet. The free account is pretty basic, but it works well enough to track all of my followers and tell me quite a bit about them, including what days of the week and hours of the day most of them are actually on Twitter. On the slow days and off hours I can focus my energy on other websites rather than tweeting to an empty room. Why waste the energy...or the tweets.

By working smarter, I save a couple of hours a week in marketing time without negatively impacting my presence on the site because I can tweet less yet reach more followers. Give it a try and let me know how it works for you. 

Available at all major ebook retailers.

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