Friday, November 14, 2014

Work Smarter - Where Are You? #writing #marketing

If you're like me, you have accounts on a gaggle of social sites. Most authors accumulate friends on Facebook, followers on Twitter, Tumblr, and Pinterest, and circles on Google +. We spend hours setting up profiles to make those pages look professional, right? So why are you keeping them a secret?

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I share a lot of stories and blog posts from other people's sites and I can't tell you how much time I waste trying to find their Twitter or Facebook links so I can share them along with the story. If you have a blog (and you should) look at your last post. How hard do readers have to search to find a link to your profile on other sites? If they found your post by accident could they find you in other places on purpose? If not, you're missing chances to connect to readers.

Don't play hide and seek with sales opportunities. Make the buttons to your social sites obvious enough that a reader scanning the page two minutes before bed can find it despite the kids screaming and dogs barking in the background. One click is the difference between them connecting with you again later and them closing the browser window and forgetting they ever saw your name.

If there is no place on your blog to add such a thing, make it a habit to manually include the links at the bottom of each post. 

Catch up with the Saving Liam series today!

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