Friday, March 20, 2015

Writer's Blues

You know those moods where you can't remember why you ever wanted to publish? You would honestly rather go to the dentist than sit down at the computer. You're tempted to go back to writing for fun and posting stories online for people to read for free. Think of all the money you'd save on marketing and book covers! No stress. No deadlines. No reviews.

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I have been sitting on a lump in the middle of that bog for well over a week. The only thing that's kept me going is habit. I get up at the same time every day. I feed the cats, make coffee, and plop down in front of the computer to dedicate the first three hours of each morning to churning out chapters. On particularly bad days, I'll lie in bed and contemplate abandoning that ritual, but it always inspires the same question: if I'm not going to write that morning, what am I going to do instead? I rarely find a satisfying answer so I get up, hoping after an hour or so of working I'll either get sucked into the story enough to forget I'm sick of the ritual or think of something else to do. Since I hate to leave a scene half finished, I end up another chapter closer to a completed manuscript even if the passion to publish it is dormant.

Apparently my answer to the question of why I publish is because I'm a creature of habit!

What do you guys do when you lose the passion for publishing or maybe even writing? How do you talk yourself into finishing that next book when you would rather spend the time on YouTube or playing on your Wii or being with your kids?

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  1. If you find a good solution to this I'd love to hear it :)

    I've been in a similar mood for quite a long time. I finally ditched the MS that wasn't working and started a new WIP, and that has helped. Working on something that is really interesting and challenging and fun is the best way for me to stay motivated.

    But I have considered just quitting (on a daily basis) for a while now. I do still enjoy the writing, but the things that go along with it - the marketing, social networking, and reviews - are pretty toxic to my mental health.

    I'm not even sure anymore if it the good parts of writing outweigh the bad, or if, like you, I am continuing just out of habit. Either way, I'm still here.

    I'm glad you are here with me :)

    1. *hugs* Amelia. I'm glad you're still here, too!

      I think the only way to make it work is to figure out what the personal payoff is...since the financial payoff is non-existent. LOL.

      I'm with you. I don't enjoy anything other than the writing and it doesn't help that my current project isn't a story I want to write. Still, I like the thought that if I work hard enough, long enough, somewhere down the road I'll be fully self-employed and not have to worry about company layoffs and such. That tiny bit of financial security later might be worth present-day annoyance.

      As a side note: I've whittled my daily social networking to about 30 minutes, covering Twitter, FB, G+, and Pinterest. If that piece is bogging you down let me know and I'll show you a few of my favorite tricks.