Friday, April 24, 2015

So It Begins - BLUE #writing #mm

The eagerly anticipated spin-off to the Saving Liam now a thing! The first chapter exploded onto the page this morning. You know Blue. He's not one for subtle entrances.

It won't be out for several more weeks, but here is a preview of the story he's telling, complete with soundtrack. 

Brady sat on the dark leather couch in the game room mesmerized by the man in front of him. Dressed in torn black jeans and a gray sleeveless shirt, Blue held his preferred means of communication in his hands, tethered to him by the strap across one shoulder.

Despite years of tender moments and shared nights riding out the storms of Blue's past, there were still things he couldn't say. Words he couldn't speak on his own. He needed a translator. Standing with it in his hands, Blue began to play. Emotion seeped from him with each note, trickling off the tension in his arms, flowing from the intense, almost pained expression on his face. It dripped from Blue's fingertips, absorbed by the electric guitar, and spilled into the room.

He knew what those notes represented. The screech of tension, the groan of old pain, melting back into the steady flow of the love affair neither of them had anticipated. He watched, enthralled by the message and the man, afraid to move and shatter the moment. Only when the momentum waned and Blue shifted his gaze from the floor to his face did he find a reason to risk it. He stood, Blue's eyes on him as he stepped closer, stopping with only a guitar width between them. 

He rested a hand against Blue's cheek and kissed him, pouring the emotion back into him. Stepping away long enough to let Blue take off the guitar, he wrapped his arms around his battered and scarred, axe-playing wild man and swayed with him to the memory of the music that echoed inside.

Stay tuned!

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