Saturday, August 1, 2015

Calling All Bookworms: Seattle's homeless kids need your help! #homeless #teens #giveaway

Hello, fellow bookworms!

I’m launching an exciting new project this summer, and you guys get to join me! In fact, I can’t do it without you.

How many times have you read a book to escape stress, quiet the chaos in your head, or calm your nerves? Personally, I’ve lost track. It’s one of many things readers have in common. Regardless of the genre, we get something vital out of losing ourselves in a story. A life without books is a horror few of us would survive with our sanity intact!

Imagine having nothing to do but contemplate the mess your life has become? Day after day, stretching into months. Maybe even years. That’s the reality homeless kids face every day. In the Seattle area, up to 10,000 of them a year end up on the street, surviving on handouts, dumpster food, and prostitution with little hope of anything better.

They are kids someone labeled worthless and threw away. For most it’s a life sentence they won’t survive. Not without the help of strangers.

That's where YouthCare comes in. They have one of the largest programs for homeless kids in Western Washington. Their mission is to get teens off the street and back into life regardless of their race, religion, history, sexuality, or gender identity. They have shelters, an outreach network, and one of the only programs dedicated to LGBTQIA kids, a population that makes up 22% of our homeless teens.

I want to help YouthCare do their job, so for the month of August, I’ll be running a campaign to do something unusual. Something we bookworms will understand. YouthCare has a lending library for kids both inside the shelter and still sleeping on the street. I want to build them a better one.

Why books? Because these kids need hope and what better way to find it than in the pages of a story about survivors, heroes, and champions fighting impossible odds and winning despite them. They will also need basic skills to compete in the job market. Books help improve their reading ability and comprehension. A library won’t solve their problems, but it will help support YouthCare in their mission to rescue our kids.

Please. Help us help them.

All the money goes directly to YouthCare. I’m not getting a cut of it, and neither is anyone else. 100% of every dollar goes to the library project. To prove it, all donations will be made on the YouthCare website. While you’re there, feel free to check them out and learn more about the group you’re supporting.

Please, donate now and know you’re making the difference in the life of a teen who has nowhere else to turn.

Please Give!

A few notes about donating:

Please enter "2015 Library" in the comment box so YouthCare will know your contribution goes toward the library.

Minimum donation amount: $1 

Anonymous donations: mark the anonymous box on the donation form. Your information will not be shared, but you still have to provide your address so they can charge your credit card.

Tax deductible: All donations are tax deductible, and YouthCare will mail a receipt to your billing address.

Now for some fun!

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