Monday, January 4, 2016

COVER REVEAL: Rhythm and Blue #gayrom #MM

I've been sitting on this new pretty for weeks and am thrilled to finally be able to share it!

Cover design by AJ Corza


What’s a little treachery among friends?

As Blue's career gains speed, Brady finds it harder to keep up with its demands. Pulled between loyalty to his job and loyalty to Blue, he struggles to balance them without destroying his relationship.

Meanwhile, Blue’s unexpected success earns him international recognition and costs more than he expected. When jealousy turns a trusted friend against him, Blue learns the price of fame and the precarious balance of ego and amity.

Can he repair the damage or will friendship be the first casualty of his success?

Don’t miss the gripping sequel to the best-selling novel Blue


Blue woke to classical music on Brady's clock radio. The music stopped. The bedside lamp snapped on, and he rolled to his stomach to hug his pillow. He smiled when Brady kissed his shoulder and drifted in the space where dreams and reality blended, waiting for the sound of the shower.

The normal routine had Brady clean and dressed for work before Blue got out of bed. He had nowhere to be at three-thirty in the morning. He could lounge under the covers until something as important as a craving for coffee or a full bladder lured him into the day, living the life of a largely kept man.

He didn't know how much Brady made a year or what he had in the bank. He didn't think he had the right to ask those questions. He only knew Brady was good at spoiling him. 

He drifted near sleep before the smell of coffee coaxed his eyes open. Brady stood by the bed with a breakfast tray and a smile.

"What's this?" He pushed up on one elbow.

"I thought I'd bring you breakfast in bed." Brady set the tray on the nightstand.

Blue plucked the steaming mug from its place near a plate of sourdough toast with a generous dollop of Mary’s homemade strawberry jam.

"You thought you'd bring me breakfast in bed because...?" He sat up and took a sip of coffee, eyes on Brady.

"No reason."

Blue watched him over the top of his mug, waiting for the truth. Brady was romantic and lived for random surprises over nothing. However, his favorite bread, favorite jam, and coffee at four o'clock on a random morning felt too much like buttering him up.

"Except?" he prodded.

"I'll tell you that part later. Enjoy your breakfast."

He raised his chin to accept the offered kiss and tracked Brady when he strode back out of the room. He took a bite of toast and tried to guess Brady's news while he chewed. There were too many possibilities. He put down his half-eaten toast, tossed back the blankets, and crawled out of bed. 

It was chilly without covers to warm him and he stepped into the closet to pull on one of Brady's rarely worn sweatshirts and a pair of jeans. He padded barefoot down the hall to Brady's office.

"I think I want to hear whatever disappointing thing you're trying to break to me in phases," he said.

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