Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Social Media for Introvert Authors #marketing #authorprobs

I'm over at BTS Book Reviews today talking about how introverts can enjoy social media. 
No, seriously.
See, when I first dreamed of becoming an author, I aspired to be Thomas Pynchon. I could sit in my office, churn out stories, and let my publisher handle the public relations. I might occasionally go on a book tour after a new release, but day-to-day interaction with readers would only happen through the mail.
I know several authors who had the same vision and would gladly hand over all royalties from their latest book to anyone with a time machine that could transport them back thirty years to the era of the recluse author.
It’s always sad when a dream dies, isn’t it?
Unfortunately, the 21st Century demands the opposite of new authors. Social media is mandatory. If you’re one of those people who loathes the superficial drama and has no skill for dealing with strangers, check out my blog post, over on BTS Book Reviews for alternatives that can help you keep your sanity.

What's a little treachery among friends?

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