Friday, March 18, 2016

Are You Ready for a #Giveaway? #GayRom #MM

It's Reader Appreciation Day over at Sweet Spot and they're celebrating with free books! If you're a fan of gay romance you don't want to miss your chance to win.

When: Saturday, March 19th from 8 am - 8 pm Eastern Time

Here's what you can win:

  1. Tara Lain - ebook copy of PRINCE OF THE PLAYHOUSE (advance copy)
  2. Z.A. Maxfield - ebook copy of RHAPSODY FOR PIANO AND GHOST
  3. Karen Stivali - ebook copy of winner's choice from backlist
  4. R.A. Padmos - ebook copy of IN THE PRIVACY OF THEIR HOME
  5. R.A. Padmos - ebook copy of UNSPOKEN
  6. DP Denman - ebook copy of RHYTHM AND BLUE
  7. Evelise Archer - ebook copy of THE VAMPIRE'S COQUI
  8. L.M. Brown - ebook copy of DESTINY & DRAGONS
  9. S.Dora - ebook copy of A WEEKEND UNBOUND (written with A.Moore)
  10. Cal Matthews - ebook copy of THE DEAD (THAUMATURGE SERIES BOOK 1)
  11. Brina Brady - ebook copy of SPANKED IN THE WOODSHED or any book from author's backlist
  12. Marie Sexton - ebook copy of winner's choice from backlist
  13. P.D. Singer - ebook copy of OTTER CHAOS
  14. Nico Jaye - ebook copy of SEX AND CANDY (2nd Ed.)
  15. Z.Allora - ebook copy of ZOMBIES SUCK
  16. Z.Allora - ebook copy of ZOMBIES AHEAD
  17. Allison Cassatta - ebook copy of PATIENT PRIVILEGE
  18. Sloan Parker - ebook copy of FRIENDS AND LOVERS
  19. Jambrea Jo Jones - ebook copy of winner's choice from backlist
  20. S.J. Frost - ebook copy of winner's choice from backlist

I'll be buzzing by during the day to share a few things and chat so drop by and say hello. See you there!

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