Monday, August 1, 2016

Hold Tight and Breathe #LGBT #Pride

Fuck me, this has been a traumatic Pride season! 

Sorry. Is it too early in the post to swear? Okay then. Holy buckets, it's crazy out there!

I usually take the summer off to enjoy Pride, think about how far we've come, and regroup but this year there hasn't been time. There's too much happening and most of it has left chunks of the US Rainbow Community jumpy and scared. 

I know how you guys feel, though I'm experiencing things a little differently. I lost my patience with fear a long time ago. What I have these days is a temper on a low boil. I go from okay to volcanic in the space of a single ignorant sentence, and they all seem to be coming from the same direction lately. Funny that.

This post isn't aimed at the coldhearted and self-absorbed because I see little point in talking to that bunch. This goes out to my Rainbow peeps who saw the name Pence attached to the Republican ticket and had a panic attack that hasn't quite dissipated yet. (Don't recognize him? Google "Indiana Governor religious freedom law" and read a few posts. I'm sure it will come back to you.) Pair that nightmare with the Republican platform that places religious pandering over equality and I don't blame people for thinking our Rainbow bus is about to run off a cliff.

With so many political experts predicting a win for the wrong side, the fragile hope keeping much of our community afloat is deflating. We all know how dangerous it is when our most vulnerable lose faith. Addiction goes up. Self-harm goes up. Suicide goes up.

I'd like to offer a bit of solid reassurance to counter some of that uncertainty.

Even if the worst happens and the wrong guy wins, this is not the end of the LGBTQQIA2SGnc movement. Activists all over North America are gearing up for battle, and we will be ready to duke this out. I know because I am one of them. 

Combined, we have decades of experience, thousands of donor members, and hundreds of our own lobbyists. It's too late for anyone to shut us down (regardless of how big their ego is) and no political magic wand can force us back in the closet. We won't go. It's that simple. 

Personally, I can't imagine any scenario where someone could successfully convince HRC to sit down and shut up. Or Amnesty International. Or Lambda Legal. Or The ACLU. Or PFLAG. Or GLSEN. Or the flock of celebrities and YouTubers standing behind Trevor Project. Trust me. We're ready for this! It might not be easy but when has this fight ever been easy?

To those who are still trapped in the shadows of oppression and feel brokenhearted because you think you're watching your chance to finally come out of the closet evaporate: don't panic. Hold tight and breathe. We're still coming to help you! 

After all, you're why we're fighting in the first place.

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