Thursday, October 6, 2016

HALF OFF on Blue! #LimitedOffer #GayRom #Sale

Blue is on sale!

To celebrate the imminent release of Fade to Blue, I'm having a Blue Series sale! Blue and Rhythm and Blue will be 50% off for a limited time at Amazon and All Romance. 

That's two books for the price of one.

Pick up your copies today because this won't last!

One ultimatum cost him everything.

Injured and near death, Blue collapsed in the yard of a stranger with nothing but a grisly scar and a pile of hostility. Only one man can reach him. Will it be enough to save him from himself?   


Watch out for the spotlight. It burns.

A Grammy nomination drags the searing spotlight of fame uncomfortably close, setting Blue's almost orderly life on fire. Scorched by betrayal and doubt, fame isn't what Blue imagined. 

Unintimidated by the fire, his boyfriend, Brady puts his career aside to shield Blue. Fame can warm you one minute and burn you to ash the next, but Brady won't let anything--or anyone--burn Blue again. 

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